About Us

In October 2017, we came up with the concept to create skincare products that are not only affordable, but are also great for your skin! We've worked hard to deliver excellent products, with the best quality ingredients that we can find. Utilizing our passion for beauty and skincare, while holding varying degrees in Somatology and Cosmotology we began Skinsations.

Our friends easily fell in love with the first products we made, and they quickly demanded more variety and in order to meet their demands, we needed more products. The result of this is the product line you see here. With new and improved products being added monthly. While creating and sharing new products, helping people feel good about their skin brings us great happiness and joy. It's also allowed us to spend time with our 3 children.

We are the team behind the brand Skinsations. Chelsie, mum to Mason and Alexandria, mum to both Caden and Logan. Between the two of us, we manage to spend time doing what we love the most, (Creating a legacy for our children) as well as spending time with them.

Being ethical in all aspects of our business is a priority for us, be it in how we work, how we deal with and treat others or in the goods we purchase. Thank you for sharing in our journey and we look forward to bringing you more of the products you love and enjoy!

Alexandria & Chelsie