7 Reasons You Should Start Using a Makeup Primer

Jun 23 , 2019

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should be adding a Makeup Primer into your makeup routine, we’re here to give you the gentle nudge. 

Our Fresh Canvas Primer is the unsung and unseen hero of your makeup bag, long lasting makeup wouldn’t be possible without a primer holding it all together in the background.

If you didn’t already know, primer is the ultimate base for foundation, it helps prep your skin for foundation application by moisturising, smoothing and giving your foundation something to hold on to.  

We’re all about this hidden gem and want to fill you in on why you should always be wearing primer (and be in love with it, too).

1. Easy to Use

There might be a little bit of an intimidation factor when it comes to new makeup trends or complicated makeup application, but primer should not be one of them. It’s as simple as applying your favourite moisturiser all over your face. There are really no wrong ways to apply primer, so just go for it and see the difference instantly. 

PRO TIP: A few pumps will be enough to cover your entire face and neck. Wait about 15-30 seconds for the primer to dry before moving on to your foundation application.

2. High Performance, Long Lasting Without Any Chemicals

With all the hustle and bustle happening, the time from when we put our makeup on to when it actually comes off seems to be getting longer and longer. No one wants to be caught with late afternoon, melted makeup! Primer will keep your makeup set all day (and night) long without the use of any harsh or toxic chemicals. Set yourself up for success by applying our silicone free primer, a best buddy that will keep your makeup lasting all day. 

3. Creates a Smoother Surface by Minimizing Pores and Fine Lines

Just like you have to prep a canvas before painting a masterpiece, you’ll also need to set a smooth foundation on your face before creating your makeup masterpiece. Applying primer before makeup application helps to hide imperfections and creates a smooth surface for easier makeup application. Primers work by helping to fill in fine lines and help minimize pores.

4. Adds Hydration

Our serum-like formula is not too thick or too thin. Itt will not over-moisturise your skin.. It’s the perfect primer for oily skin to help combat shine and help hydrate dry, flaky skin. 

5. Works on All Skin Types and Skin Tones

Primer is a universal makeup product. You don’t need to stress about ‘will this work with my skintone?’ ‘Will this be okay for my {dry, oily or combination} skin?’ Since our Primer has no pigmentation or colouration, they’ll work for everyone. The result for every skin type and skin tone will be the same: flawless skin.

6. Combat Weather 

In Winter it helps combat all those environmental stresses on the skin and helps with not dehydrating the skin. In Summer primers are here to help you avoid a makeup meltdown (literally)! They’ll act as a protective layer between your makeup and any oil or sweat produced by your skin. You'll be glowing this coming summer. 

7. Packed with Goodness

Traditional or conventional primers often contain harsh chemicals, or toxins like dimethicone or silicone which can lead to allergic reactions. Our Primer is only infused with natural and organic products that your skin will be loving. 

So now the choice is left to you whether or not you should use a primer. If you ask us, we would definitely say yes! 

Our Fresh Canvas Primer is currently only $20 instead of $45, the perfect winter treat for yourself and skin.