Reminders Of Why We Love Winter

Jun 30 , 2019

I think like the most of us winter and I have a love-hate relationship – we would probably be listed as “It’s complicated” on Facebook. However just like a complicated relationship you still enjoy some things about each other, and here are 11 reasons to remind you why winter has its perks.

#1. You get to wear unlimited layers

There’s no better time to take layering to the next level: in winter, you can basically wear all of your clothes at once, wrap yourself in comfy scarves, and show off your fuzzy slippers and comfy ugg boots. Winter is the season for boots, jackets that feel like sleeping bags, and hats that cover up a bad hair day! 

#2. Eat all the Comfort food

Crockpots or any other heavy wintery food is basically mandatory. You can enjoy a hot chocolate, put marshmallows in it, and top it off with whipped cream because winter. Fill your stomach with warm soups, lasagne and mac and cheese. Winter has defined comfort food and when has comfort food ever been a bad thing? (Never.) This brings us to the next point ever so elegantly.

#3. What is a diet?

There is no need for a beach body in the winter time, which is great news because that means, goodbye bikini, hello trackies! Your diet can be what people in fitness circles call “carb loading,” and that’s okay because your body actually craves this naturally: the fatter you are, the warmer you are and then, natural selection won’t come after you. Evolution is awesome!

#4. You don’t have to worry about shaving

Winter doesn't mean that you have to be as fuzzy as your feline friends, but socks and all kinds of layers camouflage a less regular shaving schedule. It’s science, hair is what helps you stay warm. Including facial hair: men with beards? Swoon!!!

#5. Relax in Hot Tubs and Saunas

I mean, who can actually properly enjoy them during the summer time? Chilling in a hot tub as the air around you gets colder and the stars brighter, or going to a sauna to warm up and boost your immune system truly makes those colder temperatures worthwhile.

#6. Make the most of the Shorter Days

I know, a lot of people complain about this, but you know what? It’s actually a great excuse to be lazy: you don’t have to be super productive as you do in the summer, when you swim at the beach , go grocery shopping, enjoy a barbecue all between 6 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. In winter, you can just roll up in a blanket, grab some popcorn, and binge watch all your favourite Netflix shows. 

#7. No more sweating 

It’s the worst when you have sweat stains and get all self-conscious. So, less sweating means less body odor. 

#8. So. Much. Cuddling.

Who doesn’t like cuddling? You get to spend those weekend mornings being closer to your loved one – be it a human, pet or laptop. You can’t do this in the summer time since the sun will mercilessly make everything so bright and hot that you rather get out of bed way too early than have anything or anyone even touching you in the slightest bit.

#9. Breathe in The Freshest air

Next time you find yourself on top of a mountain during winter, inhale deeply. There is little to no pollution (or any pesky, allergy-triggering pollen) during the winter and you get this crisp air that is the equivalent to winning the lottery or finding out that you can fly. It’s a great feeling.

#10.Indulge in Blanket activities

Bookworms, rejoice! How great is it to just lie under the blankets and get lost in your latest book? Or get cozy between a pile of pillows as you watch a movie.

#11. Celebrate that there are no bugs

Wasps, mosquitos and flies, be gone! You don’t wake up with five mosquito bites that itch like crazy and you especially don’t have to swap away flies flying by your ear as you sleep. Another reason winter rules!

Are you more a winter or a summer person?